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The SNUBA Vessel

Good day fans. Can you spare 5 minutes of your time?

After working on restoring our boat we are now fully operational again. The last month was a great month. The visibility in the bay is improving every day and we are super happy to be back in the water.

Thank you all for maintaining your support for us over the last 5 months. They were difficult and although we still feel the aftermath from the two devastating hurricanes, we are back.

For everyone who would like to help us a bit further or who would simply like to help us out a bit, please remember that both direct feedback as well as great reviews on several media go a long, very long, way.

So, may we ask you 5 minutes of your time to post a great 5 star review here: TripAdvisor

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Thank you very much for your time and efforts!

Warmest regards,


Want to work underwater?

We would like to add someone to our team and are therefore reaching out. If you have what it takes to work as a dive-leader for new divers and you like to entertain people while doing so, this is your chance.

SNUBA SXM is looking for a colleague with the following qualities:

  • About 30 years old (grown up)
  • PADI Rescue diver
  • Local of Sint Maarten, Dutch or someone with work permit.
  • Punctual
  • Team Player
  • Multi Lingual:
    • English fluent (and grammatically mostly correct) and
    • Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, or Italian
  • Knowledge of or willing to learn WordPress and in possession of laptop or mechanical experience with boat engines and able to drive single engine boats.
  • Ability to think “outside the box”.
  • Loyal and Professional.
  • NON Smoker.

After being trained up to SNUBA Guide, you will become part of a young, energetic team which caters to tourists. You will have a decent salary based on your abilities and days worked. Health insurance and taxes are paid. You will also share in the tips and ultimately become at least Dive Master and EFR Instructor. You will gain plenty of experience in boat handling.

Work 4 days a week in lower season and 5-6 days a week when we’re packed in high season.

if you do not qualify according to the above, you will not receive an answer to your email.

Seasonal job optional, Internship also available.

Send your resume to info at snubasxm etcetera


It is a Multiple Cruise Ship Day

I Decided to investigate the visibility with my drone this morning, so after the pre flight checks, sent the Mavic into the sky and headed out to oversee Great Bay and the harbor.

Today we seem to have three cruise ships in of which  two Royal Caribbean with which we have contracts. And although we only have a few guests this afternoon, it is really good to see this all happening again.

The Christmas Winds, as the locals call them, are blowing vastly. Three weeks late for Christmas of course, but well… everything is late in Sint Maarten, so no surprise there.

As you might be able to see in the pictures, the visibility is clearing up nicely now, I can see big patches of the bottom, even from a height of almost 200ft / 60mtr up in the air.

There is not much going on yet in Sint Maartens’ capital, Philipsburg. Everybody is still waking up, drinking their coffee or finishing their preparations. Soon, it will be one of the busier days since September 4th, 2017. I live a ten minute walk from Philipsburg, but it could take over 20 minutes by car when this all starts happening. amazing!

Looking forward to a good day with nice guests and dives.

New galleries with pictures will be processed, posted and announced later today.

See you all one day for your SNUBA Experience with us in Sint Maarten, Caribbean.

First Post Irma Tours were GREAT!

On January 2, 2018 we finally went out with our brand new boat and for the first time in 3 months, 3 weeks, 1 day and some change, we enjoyed SNUBA with a two great groups of people. The boat behaved nicely and we hadn’t forgotten our diving and entertaining skills yet. What an awesome day we had! And although the Hurricanes have handed devastating blows to everything above and under water, we can see everything restoring nicely.  Keep finding us…. things will be better and better.

Next stop would be the rebuild of our platform. I have decided to make it nearly identical to the one we had before, but this time it will be only a foot and a bit above the surface, instead of 4 feet. It is going to take a while before that is realized because we do still need to climb out the hole, but we should get there somewhere in the next feet months.

Do you want to help? We accept PayPal donations! For donations of 50$ or more, you will get a unique shirt… $75 or more will get your name somewhere on our new platform or boat.
You can donate right here (even if you have no PayPal account. PayPal will take you to a page where you have options)

See you all next post!


Back in Operation on Christmas!!

Good day everyone. With enormous enthusiasm I can announce that we will finally  be back in operation soon.

Our first tours will be available starting the 25th (on Christmas, yes)

While we normally do not have tours on Christmas, we decided we can no longer function without our beloved activities.  After three months and three weeks exactly, we HAVE TO get in the water and do some SNUBA. Best Christmas present in 2017 is work…. who knew?

If your tour was cancelled by RCCL, they did so because they had not received our certificate of seaworthiness yet. They cancelled your tour 18 hours before we received the certificate and immediately reinstated the tour when we sent it to them. Please go back on your shore excursion page and sign back up.

Additionally, we WILL allow bookings from outside if it is not possible for you to sign back up otherwise, for abovementioned reasons.

I will post again once our bimini top is back on. Today we will put on the last layer of bench and deck paint…. and we add the shade. our boat will then be ready FOR YOU!

Thank you for your continuous support.. it means a lot to us.

See you soon…. we hope.

Merry Christmas!!


Mich, Kelly, Eva and Bert