Incredible VIP SNUBA in June… and the summer just began

Finally, SNUBA SXM is coming back this summer, and how…

SNUBA SXM RaftAfter Hurricane Irma, Maria and followed by Covid-19, SNUBA SXM is again delivering excellent SNUBA experiences for everyone. But this time, the approach is a little different.

Near private service for everyone

if there is one thing last year taught us, it is the fact that working directly with cruise ships is not comfortable for the majority. The prices charged are too high, numbers required to make a decent profit are way too high as well. so…. we decided to go more intimate and near private.

Greatly reduced number of participants per trip

Happy peopleWe are open for instant bookings on Wednesdays and Sundays. Anybody can book themselves in thru our website or thru an activity desk on island. Also several off site booking agencies and websites can book you in on these days. The most economic for you as upcoming SNUBA Diver is to book directly from our own website Right there, use the form on the right hand side of the page to book, process your payment and voila.. done!
But be on time. We no longer allow more than 8 people per trip on our boat. so no cattle tour like you would expect if you would book pretty much any other tour.
The only exception is when a single group has more than 8 persons and they are all together and okay with a larger number. However, we have an absolute maximum of 12. (This used to be 24!!!)

Yes! We do go out for 2 people!

Are you worried about cancellations because of lack of interest? No need! We will go out with 2 people. Even if 1 is for SNUBA and 1 for snorkeling/observation. We do not cancel on you, unless we absolutely have to. And the only reason to do so is if sea conditions are terrible or if the visibility is too low to do our SNUBA tour safely. Or if the staff are sick.

Need your tour on a different day?

If you have more than 2 people for the tour and you need it to be done on another day? Simply email us and we can probably figure out something. we will work with you to make this convenient on top of unforgettable.

Check out our reviews!

We are featured on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other review sites. Just look for “snuba sxm” on any of those. You’ll more than likely finding hundreds of five star reviews and NOT A SINGLE bad one!! Why? Because we are focused on making it so. YOU are our number 1 and in return, we give you a top notch introduction to the underwater world. The safest and easiest one in existence today.

See you soon!