Incredible May 2021, SNUBA SXM is gaining some momentum again

May, a pivoting point for SNUBA in Sint Maarten

What a nice month May turned out to be. Had we had just a few guests here and there between November 2020 and now, May turned out to be a nice starting month. We went out several times with small groups (2-4 persons) and are enjoying this a lot. Gone are the days where we needed 5 staff on our boat to service 24 guests at a time from cruise ships. Turns out that just doing this activity with very small groups, is MUCH more enjoyable. We decided to keep it this way.

2-8, The magic number. VIP Private SNUBA tours for everyone

From now on, everyone doing their SNUBA Excursion with us, will experience a VIP Private tour, without having to break the bank to do so. we go out with as little as 2 persons at a time and our maximum number of bookings is 8 persons. Only exception:

“If a group books as a family or special occasion, we will take 12 SNUBA and some ride-alongs or snorkelers to enable the whole family to go.”

Photo service

Although you are allowed to take your cameras/phones under water with you, we provide a really nice photo service. For only $35, you will receive anywhere between 50-100 photos our guide takes during your dive. Yes. You are reading this correctly $35 for ALL the pictures. Compare this to the $35 per picture you pay in several other places. And the top news? You get both the original copies of the pictures as well as copies that have been color corrected to reflect the true colors of your experience.

Covid-19 and other hygienic measures

All our equipment is disinfected and radiated (UV) all the time and you will not use equipment that has been used by someone that same week. We have plenty of regulators which we rotate so you will never put one in your mouth that has been used by a different person that week. And if that is not enough, our regulators are in a bath of warm water with Listerine and UV lights, to kill of any remaining whatever.

Want even more secure hygiene? We also have mouthpieces for sale for those of you who want to take absolutely no risks. These mouthpieces are individually packed and when you buy it, we put it on your regulator and at the end of your experience, we take it off and you can take it with you. This might help you to obtain the same security elsewhere .

Read what others say about SNUBA SXM

Read reviews on Trip Advisor of Facebook. Just a friendly advice: Booking us from THIS website is cheaper for you and better for us. Win win to book right here on this very page you’re on now. ——>>>> ——>>>>

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Sample pictures of a SNUBA tour with us

Here are a couple of sample pictures we took during the month of May 2021. Yes, it is really that beautiful under water here. Of course the visibility is determined by what mother nature wants that day, but in General, during SNUBA, you see all these things and the majority of the time, the visibility is really nice. And on the days the visibility is a little lower? We simply get closer to what we want to look at. This is obviously a benefit of SNUBA, over regular snorkeling.

The pictures below are all taken by our staff. The ones with our Barracuda logo on it, have been corrected for white balance. Clearly you can tell that this makes the SNUBA pictures come alive.

Fish seen during SNUBA Tour
What a nice view during this SNUBA experience
SNUBA at your own depth
SNUBA as deep as YTOU are comfortable. No pressure from anyone
Lodged Fort Amsterdam cannon
Fort Amsterdam Cannon lodged between two rocks
Ain't no runway here
This plane clearly missed the runway