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contact us by phoning +1-721-520-0023Of course there is always the good old phone call if you need fast information. However, the number listed, is that of a mobile phone that goes with us. Sometimes when we are busy entertaining our guests, we might not hear it ring. So, if you can’t get a hold of one of us at SNUBA SXM right away, please default back to the good old contact form on this page. We generally answer as soon as possible, but at least within 24 hours.


+1(721) 520-0023

Other contact options?

  • WhatsApp call or chat

WhatsApp is a good method to contact SNUBA SXMThere are a variety of other ways to contact us. You might want to try WhatsApp if you have a data plan or wifi connection with your phone. It is free and the phone number listed earlier is also connected this way. It can, again, happen that we are under water and can’t answer you right away. leave us a chat message on Whatsapp for us to get back to you. We do not call back on missed calls without a message, so leaving that initial message on our chat is really important if you want us to call you back.

  • Facebook message

We are also on are also available on Facebook. You may find us, connect to us and then chat with us there. Again, if we are under water, it might take a little time to get back to you, but we always respond within 24 hours. If we are at the surface and dry, we usually answer almost instantly. Regardless, it is an effective way to get and stay in touch with us, so we can help you further to organize your awesome SNUBA Excursion on Sint Maarten.

  • Direct email

Sorry, but we do not give you our direct email address here as it then gets picked up by robots and spread into undesirable databases. Once you sent us an email using the contact form, we will respond to you with an email.

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