Great Freedom Excursion June 8

Good to see you again…

…to collect your memories of the Shore excursion “Adventure SNUBA” with Freedom of the Seas on June the 8th.

We have been uploading the great pictures we took and they are now waiting for your action. as announced previously, we have free and also paid versions of your pictures. The choice is obviously yours, but we do recommend to start downloading the free pictures to make sure you’re in some of them as there cannot be refunds for the paid versions, even if you are not in them.

Your free pictures are right here.

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We need a 5* review for the great tour with Freedom OTS

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Send us a small fee to pay for the regular size pictures

The regular size pictures need a little input fro your end as they require a lot of webspace and bandwidth and this stuff is crazy expensive on Sint Maarten, unfortunately. It also pays for all the time invested in processing the pictures and creating the portal for you to get to them. The good news? For a small fee, just slightly more than what you pay Royal Caribbean per picture, you will have the set for the whole day. Now that seems like a good deal to us.

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Great Freedom of the Seas Excursion of June 8, sample pictures