The SNUBA SXM family wants you to have the best SNUBA experience possible, so we have taken it upon ourselves to take pictures of your SNUBA for you! Now you can focus on fully enjoying the experience in real life instead of trough the tiny screen of your camera!

Just look up the date of your SNUBA and you will find your pictures right here! You can download these versions right of the website for free or contact us and order your ORIGINAL full size photo’s to hang in your livingroom and relive the adventure every day! (large files)

Realize the pictures on the website have been optimized for web use (make the page load faster) and the quality of the original pictures is much better!

You will need to download the .zip file on a computer or on a mobile with a ZIP App for you to enjoy your pictures.

Have fun browsing!


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SNUBA Mask Clearing
Guest clearing her snuba mask.
Lots of fish
We will see lots of fish during the SNUBA tour.
You only have to be 8 years old for SNUBA.
SNUBA Fun as a group
SNUBA is a great group activity.