SNUBA SXM Ambassador Program

(Terms of Agreement)


Who may sign up

Terms of AgreementWe welcome every individual, group, business to become Ambassadors for SNUBA SXM. We do not care about religion, race, skin colors, sexual orientation, gender, eating habits… Everyone is welcome.

However, take note of the following terms:


MultiLevel Signups

If someone signs up for our Ambassador Program, while coming to us and using one of your ambassador links, you will receive a percentage of their sales as well.

All terms of this agreement apply to all tiers/levels of this program.


Membership may cancelled without warning if:

We deserve the right to suspend, question or cancel your participation if any of the following behaviors are detected.

You post your ambassador links to web pages, social media pages, emails, feeds or any other media that solely promote:


  • Porn.
  • Violence.
  • Weapon ownership content of ANY kind.
  • Religious extremism of ANY kind.
  • Political platforms of ANY offensive/demeaning kind.
  • Offensive posts in general.
  • Misinformation and conspiracy platforms of ANY kind.
  • Unsolicited mass emails or cold calls.
  • Links posted with bad reviews or other smear campaigns.

If we detect any of the above, we may not be able to pay you for any outstanding amounts as we do not want to be associated with any of the above. We might or might not communicate with you, regarding clarification before we take such action. This will be to our discretion.


Fraudulent Actions

If we detect fraudulent actions of any kind, we will suspend your account with us and ask for clarification.

Fraudulent actions include:


  • Clicking your own link for more than just test purposes:

    • We expect some clicks to come in from you and your website(s) with some regularity. After all you need to test your links to see if they work. However, we do frown upon clicking your own link for monetary gain as this is, in fact, stealing from us.
  • Using click bots:

    • Click bots will, with or without the use of VPN’s, variable time delays, etc, be recognized. They generate useless traffic to our website and do nobody any good. Needless to say they won’t do you any good either.
  • Clickbait advertising:

    • While we like a lot of people to visit our website. We are not interested in people who expect something completely different from us when they get to our website.
    • Example: “People who are in the market for a DeWalt reciprocal saw, usually do not book a diving tour. While you can put our banner on a website with DIY tools, do not use a picture of a DIY tool to link to our website.”



  • Payments will be processed the first week of the month, for the month previous, using the payment method agreed upon. (PayPal, Stripe, Bank, etc)
  • Payments will never be made in cash.
    • Sorry… no cash payments. We keep everything on record.
  • In case we need to cancel departures, cancelled departures (by us) that are refunded, will not be eligible for commission payments.
    • Example: “A person books a tour and a week before the tour takes place, the person cancels the tour as per cancellation policy and we need to refund the person. Your commission also disappears in this case.”
  • Commissions are paid only after a tour has successfully taken place.
    • Example: “It is April. Someone books an experience and pays for a day in July. Your commission for this booking will become payable in the first week of August, after the tour has taken place and the person who booked it, has participated on the tour.”
  • Minimum amount of payment is $50.
    • Reason: “Transfer costs and/or fees that are associated with the transfer of your commission from us to you, are your responsibility. if the commission is too low, it is not worth it to induce these costs.”
  • Payments are only processed if we can verify your commissions against real bookings that have taken place/ (or site visits that are not marked as fraudulent)
    • Example: “You have made 7 sales, according to our records, one of these sales does not correspond with a booking we have in our system (a glitch might cause this). We will not be able to pay you the commission for that sale as we have no physical record of the forementioned tour. Please save your emails regarding bookings credited to you for the unlikely event we need to verify commissions.


Using our Creatives

You are free to use the creatives we provide on our website, in order to help you sell our tours and/or get people to our website. In fact, we encourage you to get started as soon as possible using them.

Just keep in mind the creatives are ours and may not be used to advertise for third parties.

Creatives made by you that are very successful, might be picked up by us to be displayed on our page of creatives as an example for others and for use by others. This might be an excellent way for you to recruit your own network of Ambassadors for SNUBA SXM.

You’ll find creatives for your campaign right here


Textlinks and other methods

You may use textlinks with a direct url in any way you want, as long as the terms above are not violated. Use them in mail signatures, post them on facebook, instagram, twitter, tik-tok, reddit, quora, other website, affiliate lists in the right categories, business cards (QR works great for this), Flyers…. you name it!


Check back in here every so often as these terms may change

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