SNUBA SXM Ambassador Program Explained

Purpose of the Ambassador (Affiliate) Program

SNUBA SXM is a small business. We pride ourselves on organizing extremely high quality SNUBA Experiences with small groups on a big boat. We are well equipped to serve groups of up to 24 guests per trip, but decided to keep our groups small, to offer a much higher quality experience for everyone involved. This has resulted in a boost of direct sales.

The Ambassador Program is an affiliation initiative we offer to those who wish to promote our SNUBA experience to other prospect guests. Basically, you spread the word, we share the wealth.

How does it work?

The workings of the affiliate program is very simple. After you register for the program and get approved as an Ambassador, you will receive your own personal link to our website. This link can then be promoted on the Internet. Where you do this, is up to you, but here are some examples:

  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your Google Business Page
  • Your company website
  • Your blog, vlog or other influencing media
  • Hand out cards with your personal link as a QR code on it
  • etc.

When someone uses your link to get to our page, two things happen.

  1. The (unique) visitor triggers a counter on your account. Every unique visit results in some cash on your account.
  2. If a visitor books our tour, you will get a percentage of the tour price on your account.

Later bookings also recorded

If someone uses your link to our website, but doesn’t immediately book our tour, the visit is still rewarded. First, you receive that pay-per-visit reward (unique visits only), but you will also still get commission if the person books a tour with us within a month of his/her first visit.

Multi Tier

If your link results in someone else registering as an ambassador on our page, you even get credited for their actions! So you make a percentage of their sales as well. And this is also true for the next layer. We offer 3 tier commissions!


Payments take place at the beginning of the month, for tours that have taken place the month(s) before, as long as your account is over $50 between visits and sales. Payments go directly into your PayPal account or you can opt to use your SNUBA SXM cash toward a coupon. If you use the cash in your account towards a coupon, we add 10% on top of the total amount. The coupon is transferable to others, but can only be used once.

PayPal does take a small finders fee. This is beyond our control and you need to be able to live with that. We will be working towards other payment options in the future, but for now, the above are the two options available. We are sure you realize pretty much all payment gateways take a percentage of the cashflow that they handle. PayPal is not even that bad!

Terms of Agreement

Please read our SNUBA SXM Ambassador Program Terms of Agreement so you are aware of what is going on, then sign up and get started. It is that simple!


If you need help to get going, or have general questions, go ahead and contact us, either using WhatsApp messaging (bottom right of your screen) or our contact form.


We wish you success as a SNUBA SXM Ambassador!