PRivate SNUBA Royal Islander, Sept 1

Hi Samantha,

know you had a great experience doing SNUBA with me on Friday. Not often do I get to stay under for almost an hour. Wow, you are good on air. Get yourself Scuba certified!

Anyway…. do us a bit of a favor and get to: TripAdvisor to put a nice 5 star review there? That would be totally awesome!

Below are the pictures I promised you. The first option: Facebook like. if you do that, you will be able to download your free copies of all the optimized and Watermarked pictures. They are way good enough versions to put on social media and trip advisor for your review.

If you prefer to have the original pictures so you can edit and size them yourself, please use the donation box below to get them. We only need a donation for those as the file is big…and the internet on this island is crappy and expensive. By donations we keep this service possible. of course you don’t HAVE TO do this. But you have the option. And…. of course, see you next year! 🙂

Below are 8 examples of that day. The downloadable files have many more pictures in them:

SamMichele - Private SNUBA - Sept 1
Sam-Michele – Private SNUBA – Sept 1