New guide training. Loads of fun!

One of our Interns, Jaimie (Seven) is now experiencing the joy of leading SNUBA runs. Although Mich is always behind her raft to be the responsible person in the water, he is not really having to do much as Jaimie is doing an awesome job at showing our guests an awesome time under water. First Briefing was great and surface support experience there was already plenty.

Hats of for this great first SNUBA run Jaimie… many more will follow!

Wrong date in some pictures

SNUBA Einstein

Seems like something might have gone wrong processing some of the pictures taken in the last week or so. We think we have the problem under control, but if you were one of our guests and seem not to be able to locate pictures we took, please check the pictures of the date that is a few days off. I guess we were working way to fast and missed the date on our cameras to be offset.
Although we apologize for the inconvenience, enjoy browsing a few extra galleries.
We have corrected the mistake now and hopefully this will not happen again.
See you at SNUBA SXM for an awesome time soon!

Brand new Cressi masks for SNUBA Sint Maarten

The brand new Cressi Masks for SNUBA SXM
Brand new Cressi SNUBA Masks

As we are just now entering a new season with SNUBA SXM, we decided to invest in brand new masks for our operation. We selected the Cressi Tropical and today they arrived in Sint Maarten.

Mich spent a few hours to burn them all so they do not fog up all the time. Soon the SNUBA SXM mask straps will arrive and then they can be deployed. we are so excited! Looking forward to giving our guests an even better service than they are already used to.

To be continued………

Galleries and SNUBA SXM booking for Guests

New SNUBA Picture Galleries

As of today, the pictures for your tour have been made a little easier to find. Because guests on mobile devices would have problems hovering over our Gallery button in the menu above, we replaced the hover function with a click function. On the gallery page, you will now find the date you were with us. Simply click on that date (example: January 19) and the gallery with all pictures will appear for you to enjoy…

Booking your SNUBA Tour with us made easy

We are also excited to announce that you can now book your own SNUBA Tour without having to contact us if you want to. On the right hand side of this page, you see the form for it. Just choose how many people your group will have, see if that amount can be booked on that particular day by selecting it in the Calendar, leave your name and select your preferred payment option and you are set. Confirmation is automatically sent and our team will also contact you shortly after to confirm all the details one more time.

If you are happier contacting us first, of course you are more than welcome to do that too. In that case, use the contact form instead.

The Snuba Tour


The Snuba Tour is our main activity.

This activity can host up to a maximum of 20 people comfortably. The boat holds two Snuba Rafts, each equipped with 4 air lines.

 One of our guides will pick you up from the Meeting Point at Bobby’s Marina or the Cruise Port. The tours depart three times a day at 09.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 14.30 p.m.

A short ten minute boatride will take you to Little Bay. Your gear will be prepped while your SNUBA Guide will give you the all important briefing and tell you what you need to know before jumping in the water.

All guests will be divided into smaller groups of 4 (per raft). Once the first group is out doing SNUBA, all other guests can feel free to jump in the water and snorkel, float around on a noodle or simply relax on the boat.

There will always be a member of our team on the boat as surface support to help you with your noodle/snorkeling needs, provide you with refreshments and nice conversation and to set up for the next group to go out as soon as the previous group comes back in from their tour.

Once all groups have been on the tour, if time permits, we offer a cheap deal for anyone that wants to go again. You can discuss this with a member of our team at the pick up or  during the tour.

After everyone’s had their fun, it’s time to enjoy a cup of our famed Rum Punch and sit back and relax as we take you back to shore!

During the SNUBA tour we will be taking photographs of you guys underwater, which you can find on here.