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We are operating again

SNUBA SXM Open for business After being pretty much shut down for a year due to Covid-19, SNUBA SXM is operating again. We tried to open back in June 2020, but that didn’t work out. Now, however, we are open for regular activities. We continue our excellent services in a totally new format. we are no longer doing business directly with cruise ships, keep the total number of participants at 8 per trip, unless there are groups that are together in which case we allow a max of 12. We decided we rather make our tour nice and small instead[…]

Open after Covid-19

Post Covid-19 Re-Opening As of June 1, SNUBA SXM is open for bookings and tours again. There is, however, a big difference with our previous operation. After the Covid-19 disaster that closed our business from March 13 to June 1st, 2020 we made several changes to the organisation of our tours. Here’s a quick list of these changes: No more than 8 guests on the boat per trip (previously 24) 1 high quality tour per day only. Sanitary stations on board All equipment treated with disinfectant as usual, but now also with UV light to kill of any residual organisms.[…]


Still COVID-19 FREE!! In SXM, we are still COVID-19 free as of this date, which is awesome! In order to try and keep it that way, the following: In the light of the ongoing global scare, we are happy to inform we disinfect our materials and boat with Lysol and Dettol every evening before storage. In addition, we clean everything again in the morning and at lunch time between departures, with a mix of Lysol and Dettol. Mouthpieces receive an additional bath in Listerine water, to bring them back to “normal” taste. We have plenty of equipment and during the[…]

Promising season 4 Sint Maarten begins

Exciting changes at SNUBA Sint Maarten While there is always strive for improvement to the SNUBA Adventure in Sint Maarten, this low season proved to be fruitful. And so begins our promising 2020 season. We created a whole new platform to organize our diving from and where our guests can relax, hang out or play while they wait for their turn to experience the underwater world of Sint Maarten through SNUBA. Why a platform? Our boat the Overtaker is a nice vessel, but in the end it was considered nicer to actually have a separate platform for entertainment. Guests no[…]

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