Important Information for Participants

Participant Record and Liability Waiver

Medical and Liability Waiver SNUBA SXM, information, sint maarten

Thank you for choosing SNUBA SXM… We look forward to having a great SNUBA Experience with you. Below are a few important things you should know.

To Participate in a SNUBA Experience, we require every person to fill in a Participant Record and Liability Waiver. We will need this information for our records. Medical Questions need to be answered with “Yes” or “No” (the full word on each line).

It is important to answer truthfully!

It is in the interest of your personal safety to not omit information or falsify your answers. Some conditions put you in real danger, even if you appear to be doing fine with other sports. For example, while an epileptic episode is very inconvenient while you are running a half marathon, it will have much more serious consequences if you would suffer from one, while 20 feet under the surface of the Caribbean Sea. After all, we are not equipped to breath water.

You may download the form here:

Download the Participant Record

Departure times and your time

Our SNUBA trips leave on Wednesday and Sunday at 1pm sharp. we meet 1/2 hour before. Private Charters might be different. We ask that you arrive to check in 30 minutes before the boat leaves so we have time to fit your gear and complete any necessary paperwork.

Sint Maarten is in the Atlantic Time Zone. During the months of November to March, this might differ from your time. Especially if you arrive on a cruise ship. We operate on local time, so please plan accordingly or you will miss the boat. Check the Sint Maarten time here.

If you are driving in from another town on the island, please allow sufficient time for traffic, particularly during high season.

Availability, Pricing and Cancellations

If possible, please book in advance. In order to offer awesome service, we take a maximum of twenty SNUBA on the boat at a time and we do get fully-booked, particularly during high season. (our boat can handle 48, so no sardine show)

All prices are inclusive of a 5% Turnover Tax.

Please check our Cancellation Policy before you commit or take note of it after your booking.

Thanks for taking the time to review this information, and we look forward to SNUBA Diving with you soon!