Sensational Excursion May 7, 2019

Mixed crowd for a sensational under water Excursion

Today we had a mixed crowd on our shore excursion as there were multiple ships in town with which we have contracts. So, all you guests from Symphony of the Seas, as well as crew from Fascination; you came to the right spot to review your excursion and download your souvenirs.

If you came for your free pictures…

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When you have these pictures…

We would like to see you review on some of our favorite review sites. Plenty of choice there. our personal favorite for the moment is TripAdvisor and our own Facebook SNUBA SXM would be a close second. If you don’t mind, please post a racing 5 star review on one or both, preferably your the pictures in it. Here are the links. They open in a separate tab.

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There are much bigger versions of all the pictures of the excursion for you to download. They are conveniently packed in a single zip file and can be downloaded directly to your desktop and then opened from there. We chose this format instead of separate files for two reasons.

  1. There are too many pictures. It would take ages separately
  2. it is much faster to browse pictures on your own computer

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For a quick glance of what’s in the zip. Here’s an example sheet.

Sensational Shore Excursion May 7, 2019 under water snuba free pictures example sheet

Example review from Trip Advisor

Reviewed May 5, 2017 via mobile


This experience was so awesome,I am a senior citizen and I loved it. Georgi came to our hotel to explain the process, it’s a combination of scuba and snorkeling. The staff was amazing Georgi and Mitch also the other 2 young ladies whose names I can’t remember one of which was our guide through the underwater world a must try on your next trip to St Maarten…snuba SXM…

Another example, from Facebook this time

reviewed SNUBA SXM — 5 star

June 5, 2018

We were just there on the 30th of may. We had an amazing day in the Port in St Maarten but the most special part of the Day was Snuba. All of the staff was friendly and amazing and made everyone feel so comfortable no matter what your level of experience was. We are hooked, what an amazing journey under the sea…Thank you for the education about the coral reef and how important it is to be cautious while enjoying the sites to see. We hope to come back again soon to support your business and help you rebuild after the last hurricane. You are all in our prayers and thoughts and we will spread the word every chance we get!

Thank you again…

…for coming with us and experience an awesome shore excursion. Keep us in mind and when in Sint Maarten, maybe repeat your tour. every day in the water is a little different, so you will never get enough.