Download Remarkable Pictures of May 19

Hi there guys. Good to see you back here

It probably means you had a great time with us on your remarkable SNUBA Excursion and want to download something? We are definitely delighted to see you back here. we are hoping all of this encourages you to spread the word a little so we can welcome more guests into our business.

Are you here for your pictures?

of course we uploaded the pictures we promised you. As we told you, there are two formats. a smaller, free version of the pictures and a bigger file with large pictures you can print, which isn’t free.

Here for the free download

The first thing you want to do is download the free remarkable SNUBA SXM pictures. These give you a great idea of what the pictures look like and also are the format you want to use in your reviews and on your social media. They are small (approximately 20k or less each) and thus require little storage and download time.

Then, the next step is writing us a good review

You have been with us. You know we are a small, dedicated family business and are almost completely depending on reviews. Therefore we ask you to write us a nice chapter on one of the review sites. We like 5* revies on TripAdvisor as well as Facebook, but if you have another one in mind, we of course would not stop you there either. Either way, please write us something that helps us grow our clientele a little bit and we will be eternally greatfull. Here are two links for you. They open in separate tabs. For the best review quality, you should consider posting a few pictures with your review. TripAdvisor & Facebook

More interested in the large pictures?

If the large pictures is what you are after, we apologize in advance, but we need you to donate a small fee to us before we can have you download those. The bandwidth of the internet here is so crappy (2Mb for $93/month) we have no choice but to ask you to help pay for the bill of it.

The pictures you see below are samples..

..of what’s in the zip file. May 19th has: 57 pictures of 2048 x  1536 resolution and are perfect. The sample below has 8 pictures of the format of the pictures that are in the free, smaller file.

Sample of the downloadable pictures for SNUBA Excursion

To make your review easier, here’s an example.

Reviewed April 10, 2018

We loved SNUBA SXM!

I took my 14 year old daughter for something interesting and different to try on our Spring Break. I didn’t know what to expect because even though the water in St Marten is very clear, the coral has been damaged so the snorkeling we have done on other excursions has been fun but not that impressive. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amazing underwater world that opened up when we went SNUBAing!! It was truly awesome! The team was very encouraging and did a good job explaining the process and making us feel comfortable. So happy we tried this! We want to get certified now and feel that SNUBA is a good first step. It really gets you comfortable with breathing and wearing the weights under water. Great Experience!!!!