June 28th, finally

My apologies to all of you for the delay in posting these, but……

We have uploaded the promised photoos. Please use a laptop or desktop PC if you want to download the files as this will not work on a phone or most tablets (zip files). Please try the free pictures first as we had a small flooding of the camera and some of the pictures might not be as good as expected. We were successful in saving the camera AND the pictures, but the lens seemed to be slightly fogged up in the second half of the afternoon.

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For your free pictures, like us in the below box and wait for your download link to appear:

For the originals we do need to ask you for a donation. Our island internet is very crappy and the files are pretty big, so we use up bandwidth quickly with this service. The file contains the same pictures as the above, but without the watermark, unedited and LARGE pictures, for you to edit as you please.

And below are a few samples so you know what’s coming at ya. The files above contain many more pictures: