April 27 – Freedom diving

Hi there SNUBA Enthusiasts

It is fantastic to find you back on our web page. We sincerely hope your cruise with Freedom of the Seas was a great one and you have made some new friends on our diving boat as well as a lot of new memories.

If so, you know what to do next, right?

Please, review us on Trip Advisor. It means so much to us

Now, if you like us below, on Facebook, you will be enabled to download a set of great pictures we took of you that day. You can do this right here.

And please remember what we told you in the debriefing

The download will not work on phones or tablets. You will have to use a desktop or laptop. I know this seems a little counter intuitive, but these pictures have been packed into a zip file for easier download and are therefore not directly accessible. If you have an app that can unzip these files, you might be lucky and it may work, but to make things easy, you should just use a normal computer of sorts. Also, you need to have cookies enabled and make sure emails coming from our domain, do not end up in your spam box.

The pictures you see below are a few examples of what’s in the file. The zip file for April 27th has: 138 pictures with 2048 x  1536 resolution and are perfect for your web page, blog, review or just to show off to your family and friends.

April 27 SNUBA diving with Freedom of the Seas

Here’s an example review to sparkle your creativity – Facebook

this is amazing experience in the world.
i enjoyed with my friend. that time , when i go to meeting place.
no body in there . actually this sport is for up to 16. but when i did it.
there have just us…
feel like borrow the whole ship! he said this is good for us.
he can focus to us…. i should recommended to you. if u want to feel comfort.



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