RCL Harmony epic tour June 13

Royal Caribbean Guests, welcome back

RCL Harmony of the Seas guests; if you are here to collect on my promise of you having tour pictures to download, I have good news. The pictures turned out epic! go ahead and download your set and use them in your review.

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Please make sure you are doing this from a laptop or desktop computer. The whole process will unfortunately not work on a mobile device like a phone or andriod, etc.

O wait… you don’t know about this review thing?

Takes 5 minutes, but can be life changing for us. Please use a little bit of fantasy as well as a few images from the link above to enrich your review. It helps show the world how awesome the excursion is and this brings us more guests. You can’t imagine how much we appreciate this. Reviews on the webpage for Harmony of the Seas are cool, but the below are even better for us. You may chose one, or if you really liked our tour, put one on all three. Thank you in advance.

For the bigger pictures, we need a small fee

Please remember this download also will not work on phones or tablets. You will have to use a desktop or laptop. Once you have completed the procedure below, you will receive an email. In that email there will be a link that takes you back to this page. However, one thing has changed. The donation box has now disappeared and a download link is in it’s place. go ahead and donate towards the big pictures of your Excursion on Harmony of the Seas

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The pictures you see below are samples of what’s in the zip file. The zipfile for June 13th has: 219 pictures with 2048 x  1536 resolution and are perfect for your webpage, blog, review or just to show your family and friends.

rcl (royal caribbean) harmony of the seas epic tour pictures (sample)