Easy Dive Tour – Harmony, June 6

Easy Dive Tour, wasn’t it?

we are of course talking about your SNUBA tour with Harmony of the Seas, you did with us on July 6th, 2019. Was it all you expected or hoped to be? Or was it even better?

During your snuba excursion, pictures were taken and they have been all processed and wrapped up in two easy to download files. the smaller versions of the pictures are completely free. They would really do well as an enrichment of the awesome five star reviews you are going to write for your tour with us. 🙂

Download them right here

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Note: the download will not work on mobile devices like phones or tablets. Use a desktop or laptop instead.

Please place reviews on the following websites

If you have a reason to give us any rating other than a 5 star, please let us know what went wrong on your excursion. We aim to keep our services top notch so we take all feedback serious and act upon it. However, bad reviews are damaging so don’t really contribute much to improve the excursion. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Download the larger pictures below

As we said before, there is also a file with big pictures (2048×1536) that has been prepared and put online, you can obtain by donating a little using the box below. After completing the payment, you will receive a link back here in your email. Please click that email and once you get back here, the donation box is gone and your download link is in it’s place. From there on we trust you can find a safe place for the pictures.

Please relize you will have 3 months to get to the pictures for this low amount. If you wait too long, there is a backup we have here, but that will cost $75 to be sent.

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The zip file for June 6th has: 221 pictures. Enjoy them!

Easy Dive Tour with Harmony, june 6

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