June 27, Intriguing Harmony OTS

Your Cruise Excursion in review

So you took a cruise on Harmony OTS (of the Seas) lately and participated in our intriguing underwater adventure called Adventure SNUBA, didn’t you?

Well, this is the place you want to be to download the pictures for that day. With a free and a paid option, we fiigure we could definitely make you happy. The pictures are of excellent quality as you can see in the 8 picture example blow. The downloads contain many more pictures of course.

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The Example pictures

The images you see below are examples of what’s in the download. The download for June 27th has: 113 pictures with 2048 x  1536 and are perfect for your webpage, blog, review or just to show your family and friends. Take the opportunity to at least download the free pictures above, to see if you like to have the larger ones. You might not be in the examples, but will be in the free and paid ones unless something went wrong.

SNUBA Pictures from June 27, 2019 Intriguing Harmony
SNUBA Pictures from June 27, 2019 (This is a sample)

Here’s an example review to trigger your creativity – Facebook

My friend and I chose this excursion while on a Carnival Cruise. This was hands down the best excursion we did! The staff was great, our captain and guide were terrific and explained everything very well! We learned a lot and saw a lot! It was also neat to hear their stories about how the recent hurricanes effected them,the island and the Snuba excursion. All in all an AMAZING experience!


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