June 25th, An Effortless day

It was nice to have you on board on June 25th

And now it is time for you to claim your reward. Welcome back on our website. You come to the right place. All pictures that were taken during this effortless day, have been posted right here for you. Two versions nevertheless. You have a free download option just a click away and a paid download option tor bigger  images. Choice is yours!

But you promised us a review…

… and the pictures you download will do great in those. Can you do us that favor?

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This file is full off all the pictures we took, at a resolution of 320×198, which is GREAT to determine if you want the paid pictures and of course for a quick upload to a review site. Please remember the download will not work on phones or tablets. You will have to use a desktop or laptop.

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For the bigger download with the big images

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And here are the examples

The file for June 25th has: 141 pictures with 2048 x  1536 resolution and are perfect for your webpage, blog, review or just to show your family and friends.

an effortless day of SNUBA is always a great reward. Here's the download

Here’s an example review from Trip advisor

Adventure SNUBA

First-time SNUBA diving. Knowledgeable staff with some newbies in training but very competent. Fun way to get a taste of what SCUBA diving is like. Training session was brief although not much training is needed. Good refresher for former SCUBA diver and good for teen interested in SCUBA.