Double fun June 23, 2019

Why are you back? Double fun?

Good day easy divers. You’ve done it. After a little hesitation and after the initial angst disappeared, you tried SNUBA and liked it. This is what brought you back here is it not?

Maybe you are looking forward to just reliving your experience with us and you are looking forward to downloading your free pictures of the fun SNUBA tour with us.

Whatever brought you back here with us, thank you!

To download a file full of all your pictures for the day…

…all you have to do for us is simply like us on Facebook using the button below. Once you click the button (sometimes it requires you to click it twice or a screen might open to connect to your Facebook account)

Anyway, at some point in this action, the button will disappear and then a blue download link will take it’s place. You may use that link and download your pictures to your own computer or laptop. Please remember these downloads might work on mobile devices, it is going to be hard to look at the pictures as they are all packed in 1 handy zip file. it is better to use a laptop or other computer to receive your pictures. Also, cookies need to be accepted by your browser.

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Donate a bit to receive larger SNUBA pictures.

If you’re more interested in the big version of the pictures, which is understandable, you need to donate a little for our efforts.

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The zip file for June 23th has: 27 pictures with 2048 x  1536 pixels of resolution and are unique for your web page, blog, review or just to show your family, friends and acquaintances.

double snuba fun on June 23