First Post irma SNUBA, January 2, 2018

Welcome back to SNUBA SXM, fellow divers! It was such a pleasure to have you on our completely rebuild boat. And of course we also enjoyed having you in the water.

As we told you before, we have taken pictures of you under water. Those that mad the cut can be downloaded here. (Be advised, this cannot be done on a phone! You need to be able to decompress the downloaded file. A PC/Laptop works fine.)

Like us on Facebook and receive a free download of the pictures we took for you!

If you prefer to have the original pictures so you can edit and size them yourself, please use the donation box below to get them. We charge only to cover our (crappy) island internet bandwidth:

note: if you donate $75 or more, you will not only be able to download the original, full size and unedited pictures, but $50 will go directly towards the rebuild of our platform in Little Bay and you will receive a special, limited edition, SNUBAPOCALYPSE shirt.

Below is a small sample of the photos that were taken on this day: