Easy 10 minute directions

Here are the easy directions to find us.

To get from your cruise ship to our pickup point is very easy and it will take just a ten minute walk if you are walking leisurely. Basically, what you need to do is walk off the cruise ship port area. The exit of the cruise ship area is easy to recognize as there are many local people trying to sell island tours and taxi services right outside the gate. No worries. They are harmless. Say “good morning” and “no thanks” and keep walking.

Easy directions to SNUBA SXM Sint MaartenOnce outside the gates, make a left and start your walk to bobby’s Marina. There is just 1 single road, so it is extremely hard to get lost. On your right hand side there will be the road and then a mountain. On the left hand side there is first, the port, then some construction. Keep walking. You will pass “Dock Maarten” which has an excellent Dutch cheese shop and a dive shop and then you are walking next to a boat yard.

Immediately following the boat yard, you see a parking. Turn left at the parking and just follow the pedestrian strip. it takes you right into Bobby’s Marina. Once in Bobby’s Marina, you will see a Gazebo (there is only one) sit down there and we will come get you at the time we agreed upon. See you soon!

Video directions from your Cruise Ship to the Gazebo

To make the walk easy for you, just check out the video below. In addition to that, you could download the “direction sheet” that corresponds with the video, and the walking instructions, to assist you once you get here.

We are excited to meet and take you on our SNUBA adventure soon.


Here’s a direction sheet

And here is the direction sheet which should make it very easy to get to us. especially after watching the video. If you print this out and take it with you, it will be super easy for you to get to the right place.

See you there!

Direction Sheet


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