Overherfsteren in de tropen?

Wie wil er een paar maandjes naar Sint Maarten komen. Als je al rescue diver bent helpt dat, maar Open Water Duikers worden ook gewaardeerd.

Geen rokers. Wij zoeken per direct een of twee mensen tussen de 20 en 35 jaar die voor een paar maandjes komen rondhangen en helpen met ons bedrijfje. Je verblijft in een twee kamer apartement dat door ons is gehuurd. Wij leiden je verder op, terwijl je meedraait met ons.

Het is helemaal niet super druk in deze tijd, dus het is geen zware opgave. Je zult onder meer:

  • Veel SNUBA duiken met onze gasten, na opleiding tot guide.
  • Tanks vullen/sjouwen.
  • Meehelpen in onderhoud duikspullen, platform en boot.
  • Fotoos maken onder water, deze door een serie filers halen en online zetten

Je kunt als DiveMaster vertrekken of als SNUBA Guide. Ligt aan je instroomnivo.

Ons platform
Ons platform

Excellent according to 170 Tripadvisor guests.

SNUBA SXM Certificate of Excellence
SNUBA SXM Certificate of Excellence

After only a year and a half of hard, dedicated work, SNUBA SXM has received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. It proves to the world that so far, we have delivered great tours for our guests. Let’s keep this thing going and elevate it even further.

Thank you team for your wonderful dedication towards this important goal. Kelly, Bert, Eva, Georgi, Emmeke, Jaimie and Thomas… I would not have even dreamt of doing this without you guys. For those of you still here…. think we need a small celebration soon.

Thank you SNUBA International for your continued support.



Booking Payment Problem fixed

As some of you have found out in the last few days it seemed impossible to get thru to book yourself on one of our departures due to PayPal giving us a problem. If you have seen the screen message below while trying to book yourself on one of our tours, please accept our apologies. The problem has now been fixed and your bookings can again be processed. We hope to see you soon for some great underwater SNUBA fun!

Warmest regards, Mich


Instructeur gevraagd in Sint Maarten

PADI Intructor Wanted
Wij zoeken een PADI Instructor

Kom je net uit je IDC en ben je geslaagd?

Dan hebben wij een baan voor je!

Als je naast Nederlands, ook Engels en misschien nog een andere taal spreekt, tussen de zeg…21 en 30 jaar oud bent, niet rookt en goed bent in op tijd komen…. een leuk online netwerkje hebt en je hebt twee rechterhanden….. lees dan verder.

Voor een goed lopend jong SNUBA bedrijfje, zoeken wij een PADI Instructeur die net uit de IDC komt en die wij verder kunnen (en willen) opleiden tot SNUBA Guide en Specialty Instructor en die ons SNUBA bedrijfje wil meehelpen groeien.

Naast inwoning in ons crew apartment (2 slaapkamers, keuken, woonkamer, badkamer, balkon), krijg je een redelijk salaris (om rond te komen) en aandeel in de tips (om te feesten)…. Ook is Sales Commission aan de orde.
Je zult, naast het leiden van SNUBA duiken met cruise schip en hotel gasten, interns opleiden van open water tot en met divemaster en een aantal specialties (ik leer je de specialties te geven).

Je komt binnen als OWSI en gaat weg als MSDT of in ieder geval gebrevetteerd in de 5 specialties (de brevetteringskosten zijn voor jou, maar je krijgt de specialties)

We zoeken iemand die ons team komt versterken vanaf eind mei tot eind december.

Heb je er zin in, informeer dan…. Schrijf ons een berichtje

On a Cruise and want to SNUBA?

Sint Maarten SNUBA Cruise Excursion
On a cruise ship in Sint Maarten?

If you are on a cruise and one of your stops is the Island of Sint Maarten, SNUBA SXM can arrange a perfect excursion for you.

We are located only a 10 minute walk from the cruise ship facilities and are super easy to reach. There is no need to grab taxi’s. (You can just ignore the barrage of taxi and gypsy taxi sales pushers as you walk off the perimeter) If you book with us, we will be meeting you in Bobby’s Marina, right under the gazebo. It does not get any easier.

Of course we do have contracts with a few cruise lines, so the chance might be that we are not able to book you directly. For instance, if you are on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on one of their bigger ships, or Carnival Cruise Lines (except CCL Fascination), you should turn to their respective Shore Excursion Desks or website pages instead. There are perks to booking thru them.

In all other cases, you can use the booking form you find on the right side of every page on this website, to book yourself in.

We do reserve the right to cancel or modify your booking if we find you booked yourself into a time slot that does not comply with your available time on the island or if you are on one of the before mentioned ships. In any of these cases, we will contact you.

Please do read our cancellation policy.

DiveMaster/SNUBA Guide Intern wanted

For the period June 1 – August 31st, we are looking for one or two enthusiastic career oppertunists who would like to become SNUBA Guide and PADI DiveMaster during this period.

You will, after a two week initial SNUBA training period, be building experience in leading SNUBA dives as you are simultaniously working towards your PADI Divemaster.

You will be diving often, but will also be doing any other things needed by our small establishment. This might be: taking pictures, post production, publishing on the website, doing briefings, filling tanks, cleaning/small maintenance and more…

You will be housed in our Intern Apartment, which you share with another intern. All housing costs are taken care of and you receive a share in tips once the initial training period is over and you have become a SNUBA guide. Other than that, this is an unpaid Internship, resulting in mentioned certifications.

We are looking for primarily Dutch PADI Rescue Divers with language skills, absolute non-smokers between 18 and 30 years old.

We have 2 positions to be filled.

Please contact us for more info.



New guide training. Loads of fun!

One of our Interns, Jaimie (Seven) is now experiencing the joy of leading SNUBA runs. Although Mich is always behind her raft to be the responsible person in the water, he is not really having to do much as Jaimie is doing an awesome job at showing our guests an awesome time under water. First Briefing was great and surface support experience there was already plenty.

Hats of for this great first SNUBA run Jaimie… many more will follow!

Brand new Cressi masks for SNUBA Sint Maarten

The brand new Cressi Masks for SNUBA SXM
Brand new Cressi SNUBA Masks

As we are just now entering a new season with SNUBA SXM, we decided to invest in brand new masks for our operation. We selected the Cressi Tropical and today they arrived in Sint Maarten.

Mich spent a few hours to burn them all so they do not fog up all the time. Soon the SNUBA SXM mask straps will arrive and then they can be deployed. we are so excited! Looking forward to giving our guests an even better service than they are already used to.

To be continued………