It is a Multiple Cruise Ship Day

I Decided to investigate the visibility with my drone this morning, so after the pre flight checks, sent the Mavic into the sky and headed out to oversee Great Bay and the harbor.

Today we seem to have three cruise ships in of which  two Royal Caribbean with which we have contracts. And although we only have a few guests this afternoon, it is really good to see this all happening again.

The Christmas Winds, as the locals call them, are blowing vastly. Three weeks late for Christmas of course, but well… everything is late in Sint Maarten, so no surprise there.

As you might be able to see in the pictures, the visibility is clearing up nicely now, I can see big patches of the bottom, even from a height of almost 200ft / 60mtr up in the air.

There is not much going on yet in Sint Maartens’ capital, Philipsburg. Everybody is still waking up, drinking their coffee or finishing their preparations. Soon, it will be one of the busier days since September 4th, 2017. I live a ten minute walk from Philipsburg, but it could take over 20 minutes by car when this all starts happening. amazing!

Looking forward to a good day with nice guests and dives.

New galleries with pictures will be processed, posted and announced later today.

See you all one day for your SNUBA Experience with us in Sint Maarten, Caribbean.

Records are there to be broken

SoundSystem for SNUBA SXM
Sound on the SNUBA SXM Boat!

In June 2017, we had as many as 340 participants, which is a new record for SNUBA SXM. of course we are very proud of this accomplishment.

Speaking of records… or MP3 or something… we also installed a new Bluetooth amplifier and speakers on the boat, so we are ready to continue the party with many more of you in the near future. Keep checking in!

The Snuba Tour


The Snuba Tour is our main activity.

This activity can host up to a maximum of 20 people comfortably. The boat holds two Snuba Rafts, each equipped with 4 air lines.

 One of our guides will pick you up from the Meeting Point at Bobby’s Marina or the Cruise Port. The tours depart three times a day at 09.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 14.30 p.m.

A short ten minute boatride will take you to Little Bay. Your gear will be prepped while your SNUBA Guide will give you the all important briefing and tell you what you need to know before jumping in the water.

All guests will be divided into smaller groups of 4 (per raft). Once the first group is out doing SNUBA, all other guests can feel free to jump in the water and snorkel, float around on a noodle or simply relax on the boat.

There will always be a member of our team on the boat as surface support to help you with your noodle/snorkeling needs, provide you with refreshments and nice conversation and to set up for the next group to go out as soon as the previous group comes back in from their tour.

Once all groups have been on the tour, if time permits, we offer a cheap deal for anyone that wants to go again. You can discuss this with a member of our team at the pick up or  during the tour.

After everyone’s had their fun, it’s time to enjoy a cup of our famed Rum Punch and sit back and relax as we take you back to shore!

During the SNUBA tour we will be taking photographs of you guys underwater, which you can find on here.