How sensational is this SNUBA adventure?

What is the excitement all about?

We think you got here because you heard about the greatness of the easy diving activity that is the SNUBA Adventure and you need a little more information. So let us inform you what the fuzz is all about.

What does S.N.U.B.A. mean exactly?

The SNUBA tour is a professionally guided, shallow water diving program available to snorkelers and novice divers of all ages. It requires no formal training or certifications. That is quite sensational, we think.

The activity is safe, easy and an appealing introduction to the underwater world. It is fun and entertaining; but sparks wonderment in guests It increases marine awareness, fish and environmental conservancy. It is a mix between snorkeling and scuba diving, but without the need for heavy equipment. You are as free as a fish.

How long has it been around?

snuba keeps the underwater experience an easy diving experienceIn 1988 the founders of SNUBA International, INC. developed a unique dive system aimed to bridge the gap between SNorkeling and scUBA diving- SNUBA.

As an acronym SNUBA means “Surface Nexus Under water Breathing Apparatus”.  Nexus is defined as “linked or connected to”. So, while the diver is swimming underwater with the fish, the air comes from the surface.

The heavy equipment simply floats and follows. No need to wear it all. The diving system employs the use of an inflatable raft on the surface that links the diver below to the air supply above. Learn to use air while under water.

What is the goal?

The primary goal of SNUBA SXM is to provide a safe, easy and appealing experience to the snorkeler and novice diver. The tagline ” Go beyond snorkeling ” best describes the promise and opportunity of the easy diving that is SNUBA. The equipment and program allow guests to explore underwater using a 20ft airline.

We offer participants a chance to have an underwater adventure with three dimensional mobility in a near-zero gravity environment, simply enjoying the fish, learn about the underwater environment. This is the ultimate ” soft adventure” allowing guests to conveniently get close to nature and a rewarding, memorable experience, while feeling safe and secure in the water.

What makes this activity so great?

There are a couple of reasons this particular diving system beats all other underwater activities when it comes to safety. Before explaining why this is the case, let us tell you that in over 30 years of operation, there has been no single accident. That is an incredible record! Why is SNUBA so safe? We think the main two reasons are:

Reason 1

Standard, your SNUBA tour group is no bigger than 4 persons per raft and guide. Often even less. You are all connected to that raft with 20ft air lines. This obviously results in the fact that it is impossible to get separated from the other divers.

As a result, nobody has ever gotten up to the surface from a snuba dive to find the tour boat had left them behind. And although scuba diving is also considered pretty safe, one simply cannot say that about regular Scuba Diving.

Reason 2

During a SNUBA dive experience You are diving to a maximum of 20ft/6m. This is, compared to scuba diving, reasonably shallow. Therefore you do not really have to worry about scary things like decompression sickness (the bends) during the snuba tour, even if you come up a little too fast.

As long as you just breath normally, you’ll be under water for close to 30 minutes easily and you’re going to be safe at all times and enjoy your experience of your dive between the fish.

Check a few pictures of the SNUBA adventure or read some of the reviews and you will be convinced this is the activity you want to book.  Whether you are on a cruise and simply want to do that mesmerizing first dive… or is you want to finally go deeper than snorkeling while still breathing normal air, kinda like a fish.

You will quickly learn SNUBA is the best you can get.