What is SNUBA?

SNUBA is a professionally guided, shallow water diving program available to snorkelers and novice divers of all ages – and it requires no formal training or certifications. The SNUBA program is safe, easy and an appealing introduction to the underwater world. SNUBA is fun and entertaining; but it sparks wonderment in guests, increasing marine awareness and environmental conservancy.

In 1988 the founders of SNUBA International, INC. developed a unique dive system aimed to bridge the gap between SNorkeling and scUBA diving- SNUBA. As an acronym SNUBA means “Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. Nexus is defined as “linked or connected to”. The SNUBA system employs the use of an inflatable raft on the surface that links the divers below to the air supply above.

The primary goal of SNUBA International is to provide a safe, easy and appealing activity to the snorkeler and novice diver. SNUBA’s tagline ” Go beyond snorkeling” best describes the promise and opportunity of SNUBA. The equipment and program allow guests to explore underwater using a 20ft airline. We offer participants a chance to have an underwater adventure with three dimensional mobility in a near-zero gravity environment. SNUBA is the ultimate ” soft adventure” allowing guests to conveniently get close to nature and a rewarding, memorable experience, while feeling safe and secure.