Equipment 4 Excellent Diving

All our equipment explained:

Here is a brief overview of the SNUBA Equipment you will be using during your excursion. During your pre-dive-briefing, your guide will go over all this equipment in detail.


SNUBA Quad and all other SNUBA Equipment

  • is the biggest raft we have in the house. It contains two tanks of breathing air to support a group of four persons to do the 35+ minutes underwater tour, to a maximum of 20ft/6m.
  • is made from a durable material, these rafts support the full weight of two scuba tanks and 4 participants pulling at it with ease. A very tired SNUBA participant can even lie on top of it and it will still float. (and the other three participants get a nice workout out of it!

The 20ft long hose

  • is made out of very reliable and strong material.
  • is color coded to make it easier for participants to stay in formation.
  • delivers air to participant’s regulator harness.
  • is the nexus (link) from participant to his or her raft.

The SNUBA harness

  • sits comfortably around the participants’ body so it’s right there all the time.
  • holds the regulator from which the participant breaths.
  • is connected, via the long hose, to the Quad with the breathing air.

The dive mask

  • enables our eyes to focus under water so we can see cool stuff.
  • enables us to clear our ears under water because it has a flexible nose pocket.
  • enables us to clear water from our mask because our nose is enclosed.
  • keeps water out of our eyes and nose.
  • can leak a bit because of facial features. (Moustache for instance)

Diving fins

  • are only required equipment if your foot size is less than 21US / 59EU.
  • allow us to move gently and with little effort through the water.
  • were not really designed for walking on land

The weight belt

  • makes us feel great when we take it off after the tour.
  • is necessary equipment to compensate for our natural tendency to float.
  • will not pull you to the bottom but will just make you neutral and diving without one is not possible for the majority of us.

The bathing suit; necessary equipment

  • allows everybody to focus on underwater life.
  • is mandatory for this tour



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