Our boat Overtaker

The main boat we run SNUBA off of, is a 34 foot former cruise ship rescue vessel that has been equipped with ladders, a SNUBA platform, side exits, fresh water rinse, music and is fully shaded. It is the ideal boat to run this tour off and a comfortable boat to hang out on when you are waiting for your turn. With a powerful diesel engine, brand new cabling, new steering, new everything, she cruises with a speed of about 9 knots and complies with US coastguard inspection standards. An experienced Captain makes this part of the tour complete.

Our boat Overtaker. We can easily host and entertain 50 guests on her, but we generally do not! In fact…. the absolute maximum we put on there is 24, so you have plenty of room! Again… we know you don’t like the “sardine-experience” you get elsewhere. See you soon on Overtakerl!