All about us here in Sint Maarten

Who are we (SNUBA SXM)?

SNUBA SXM – Sint Maarten is run by Regional Coordinator Michel Wouterse (Mich) and his wife Kelly Wouterse.

A Little Background

Mich and Kelly have been living on Sint Maarten since 2008 working as a PADI Course Director and IDC Staff Instructor as wel as SNUBA Guides. Together they have conducted thousands of dives and easy diving experiences throughout the years. SNUBA SXM is mainly operated by boat. To do this, a convenient boat called Overtaker is fully equipped with all needed to make your experience wonderful.

No walk in office

What is there exactly to SNUBA SXM?

There is no office, but a small gathering point in Bobby’s Marina. Exactly a few minutes walk away from the Cruise Ship Pier. If you come in off a cruise ship, chances are we collect you right from the gang plank. We offer top quality experiences. Although nature can be unpredictable at times and we might or might not see certain species, but our excellent customer service and care is firm, the equipment in tip top shape and the guides are trained to incredibly high standards so you can just enjoy your experience. We guarantee:


  • Small groups per SNUBA guide. Usually no more than 4!
  • Full tanks, for a nice long experience.
  • Very Clean Air.
  • State of the art, well maintained equipment.
  • Plenty of space on the boat. (We realize you are not Sardines.)
  • Our Guides are dedicated to make your experience a great one.

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Other people’s opinions about SNUBA SXM

TripAdvisor review

Just wanted to drop a line here and say what an INCREDIBLE time we had trying Snuba out for the first time. My boyfriend had never been snorkeling or any type of diving and I had snorkeled only a handful of times, plus Im not the best swimmer lol Mich and Angel were our guides and I could not praise them more for what a wonderful job they did in helping us have the best experience. I contacted Mich through the website to work out booking and he was so fast in responding and scheduling, even with the slow internet on the island he was so accommodating.

Facebook review

Lorayne Garay-Bond reviewed SNUBA SXM

We were just there on the 30th of may. We had an amazing day in the Port in St Maarten but the most special part of the Day was Snuba. All of the staff was friendly and amazing and made everyone feel so comfortable no matter what your level of experience was. We are hooked, what an amazing journey under the sea…Thank you for the education about the coral reef and how important it is to be cautious while enjoying the sites to see.