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June 29

Absolutely Amazing
Tripadvisor review: Snuba St Maarten (SNUBASXM)
Mich and Kelly ARE THE BEST!! Me and my husband were extremely nervous about doing snuba but they put us completely at ease. They were great at explaining everything and very attentive from beginning to end. I have the worst anxiety when I have goggles on underwater the time and patience she had with me was so thoughtful and sincere. They made this the highlight of my birthday vacay. Mitch and Kelly are two amazing, caring, very patient people and are ABSOLUTELY GREAT AT WHAT THEY DO. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, ME AND MY HUSBAND WILL NEVER FORGET THE EXPERIENCE THAT YOU GAVE US. BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH!!!!!
May 29
Wonderful underwater views for those unafraid of looking below the surface
Tripadvisor review: Snuba St Maarten (SNUBASXM)
This trip was one of the highlights of our stay in St. Maarten. The owner/operators were incredibly kind and great sources of information both about scuba/Snuba as well as about the island. Kelly and Mich were incredibly personable, nice and encouraging. I will definitely Snuba again and it will definitely be with them. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this excursion for those with young kids unless they are great swimmers and adventurous.
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