We are operating again

SNUBA SXM Open for business

After being pretty much shut down for a year due to Covid-19, SNUBA SXM is operating again. We tried to open back in June 2020, but that didn’t work out. Now, however, we are open for regular activities.

We continue our excellent services in a totally new format. we are no longer doing business directly with cruise ships, keep the total number of participants at 8 per trip, unless there are groups that are together in which case we allow a max of 12. We decided we rather make our tour nice and small instead of the 24 or more we used to take per trip.

SNUBA Birthday Parties

When your child turns 8 (or older), SNUBA is the perfect gift. We will organize a birthday excursion your kid (and you) are not likely forget. Swimming, Snorkeling, SNUBA is all included. We bring water, Caprisan and also a birthday cake (of course) to complete the experience. Want to know more? Stay on our website and read more about our birthday parties.

Hope to see you all soon!

See pictures below of our last trip

SNUBA birthday Party