Still COVID-19 FREE!!

In SXM, we are still COVID-19 free as of this date, which is awesome!

In order to try and keep it that way, the following:

In the light of the ongoing global scare, we are happy to inform we disinfect our materials and boat with Lysol and Dettol every evening before storage. In addition, we clean everything again in the morning and at lunch time between departures, with a mix of Lysol and Dettol. Mouthpieces receive an additional bath in Listerine water, to bring them back to “normal” taste.

We have plenty of equipment and during the trip nobody uses equipment that has been used by others. There is also a bucket with warm water and Dettol on the boat for guests to wash their hands.

All touchable surfaces on the boat are also cleaned and disinfected every day before each departure.

In return, we do currently have a policy where we will not accept any participants/staff who are congested and/or are sneezing or coughing, to further protect our guests and our staff, from getting any sort of infection on our tour.

Stay safe. SNUBA with SNUBA SXM. Book or email us now for a fantastic adventure or read fantastic reviews on Trip Advisor or Facebook first…. and then book us!