Promising season 4 Sint Maarten begins

Exciting changes at SNUBA Sint Maarten

While there is always strive for improvement to the SNUBA Adventure in Sint Maarten, this low season proved to be fruitful. And so begins our promising 2020 season.

We created a whole new platform to organize our diving from and where our guests can relax, hang out or play while they wait for their turn to experience the underwater world of Sint Maarten through SNUBA.

Why a platform?

SNUBA Sint Maarten Platform and Overtaker

Our boat the Overtaker is a nice vessel, but in the end it was considered nicer to actually have a separate platform for entertainment. Guests no longer have to feel packed onto the boat now, but are free to lay on a towel, use the picnic tables, and more. This makles the SNUBA Adventure even better than it already was.

SNUBA Sint Maarten will be striving to further improve the platform as time goes by. In the mean time enjoy what we have so far.

The platform can easily take 24 people at a time, but since the boat is there and there are always guests in the water, we think it will never feel crowded. This is a major improvement in operations that we have been looking forward to, for many years.

Renewed Boat Inspection

Overtaker was also inspected just a few days ago and passed with flying colors. With a newly painted deck and all wiring renewed as well, we were ready to be tested.

Yes, we had 1 smoke flare missing from our emergency box, but that was quickly rectified as Island Waterworld is at spitting distance away from us and we could simply go in and buy another one. Done! All safety measures in place till 2023. We have a few years ahead of us at SNUBA Sint Maarten.

What will the season bring?

There are some more changes penned onto our calendars. New Internships will soon be available, including Dive Instructor Internships. Yes, at SNUBA Sint Maarten, you can soon become a dive instructor in addition to your SNUBA Guide. Keep on the lookout for these opportunities. We have found in the past that they “sell well”.

Overtaker is going to get a brand new decking that will change the looks, but also will make the boat even safer than it is already.

Night SNUBA in Sint Maarten?

We will also be adding cabin lights and are looking into doing a monthly night SNUBA Sint Maarten event, where people who SNUBA-ed before, can experience a night dive while on SNUBA.

Birthday Party for kids? (or adults)

Birthday parties will be a go this season. If your kid turns 8, why not surprise him or her with a nice SNUBA themed birthday party with SNUBA Sint Maarten? We’ve done our first one and it wat a great success. With special pricing, this truly private experience is unique in it’s sort. Don’t miss out and ask for the birthday option. It is a great activity and one you are not likely to forget. (This is possibly also due to the pictures that will be taken during the event….)

Are we going land-based in 2020? Keep an eye!

It is almost 2020 and Christmas is also approaching soon. So within a few, we will have some quality family time and hopefully some festivities.

After the holidays, we are of course in a brand new year. And with that, we should focus on brand new ways of offering SNUBA to our guests. Maybe you have already heard rumors. Maybe you didn’t. But we at SNUBA Sint Maarten are still in the process of expanding with a land based SNUBA option and other satellite ventures.

Pay close attention in the first few months as we will be posting some VERY exciting stuff….soon, we hope…..