SNUBA Operator OTY 2018

(Best) Operator of the Year 2018

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A new milestone for SNUBA SXM

After two and a half years of swimming upstream like a school of salmon, surviving bear attacks, dams, ripping currents and more fun…

We at SNUBA SXM got some excellent news recently….

SNUBA SXM made SNUBA Operator of the year 2018!!! We are humbled by the enormous honor granted to us by the decision makers at SNUBA International, to consider us, and then awarding us with this amazing recognition.Thank you so much, Alex Edelmann for mentioning us at all, thank you Staff of SNUBA International and other operators and all other involved for us now being awarded this great award. This is a new milestone for us. The best!

How did we get here?

Thanks to all of our staff involved: Kelly, Eva, Bert, Georgi, Kurt, Sheldon, Elmira, Eduard, as well as our interns: Jaimie, Emmeke, Thomas, Saskia,Rob and Heather. Freelancers: Josh, Alex, for helping keeping the bar as high as I set it… I know I ask a lot. Bite me.

Many thanks to our guests. It has been a pleasure having you. Thank you for thousands of likes all over the globe, hundreds of great reviews and not a single bad one. Many of you I remember. Many of you I would like to see back.

Who else helped us?

I also want to thank the hundreds of former guests, friends and family of SNUBA SXM for your incredible efforts to bring us back after we got wiped out by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, respectively September 6 and 20, 2017. Without you, we would definitely not have survived. Bert, Eva and Kelly… you rocked for 4 months helping me restore Overtaker. I will never forget.

Alex, Irene… your hospitality is amazing. Thank you for putting up with me for a whole day. My family will second me, it is not that easy 😉


We will keep setting the bar higher, continue to make clearer, memorable, more entertaining briefings, raise great SNUBA guides; Will continue to show eternal patience during SNUBA experiences and showing you the most satisfying, safest, greatest time, while on Sint Maarten.

Some more GREAT NEWS is on it’s way….. stay tuned.

*The circled R is implied where needed*

Mich is handed the Operator of the year award by Alex Edelman of SNUBA International
Mich is handed the Operator of the year award by Alex Edelman of SNUBA International
SNUBA operator of the year 2018 Award for SNUBA SXM
SNUBA operator of the year Award

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