Back in Operation on Christmas!!

Good day everyone. With enormous enthusiasm I can announce that we will finally  be back in operation soon.

Our first tours will be available starting the 25th (on Christmas, yes)

While we normally do not have tours on Christmas, we decided we can no longer function without our beloved activities.  After three months and three weeks exactly, we HAVE TO get in the water and do some SNUBA. Best Christmas present in 2017 is work…. who knew?

If your tour was cancelled by RCCL, they did so because they had not received our certificate of seaworthiness yet. They cancelled your tour 18 hours before we received the certificate and immediately reinstated the tour when we sent it to them. Please go back on your shore excursion page and sign back up.

Additionally, we WILL allow bookings from outside if it is not possible for you to sign back up otherwise, for abovementioned reasons.

I will post again once our bimini top is back on. Today we will put on the last layer of bench and deck paint…. and we add the shade. our boat will then be ready FOR YOU!

Thank you for your continuous support.. it means a lot to us.

See you soon…. we hope.

Merry Christmas!!


Mich, Kelly, Eva and Bert