Boat Progress

And another week has gone by… and we worked very hard. This time the results are way more visible. we basically finished the hull. see this:






The colors look way better than ever before. Basically, these are the three colors of our logo. lettering arrives on Monday and will go on on Tuesday morning. :)….

The stern was a special project that took me a lot of time. here’s a before and after (you will see which is which… I hope)











Now…. with this behind us, we can breath again. Yard has been paid, we are scheduled to go in the water on Monday. Tomorrow Eva and Bert both have a half day off. I just return to the yard to do some more sanding. We have 2 days left in the yard…. I will use them!

In addition to the paint and antifouling job, I have changed the injector nozzle protectors and the injector seats in the engine and ran the engine for about 20 seconds… YES… no more diesel leak. Super cool!

Eva and I have also put in a new engine wire harness extension and the bilge pump and high water alarm cables. This time all cabling is official and according to i.s.o. standards….. and properly labeled. No more confusion.

The console has been taken off. This I will sandblast/sand completely clean, prime, fill and fair, prime again and then add a layer of gelcoat to make it look great. Expect this done before getting in the water (we kind of need the remote controls for the engine and the wheel…

In the mean time, Eva and Bert are sanding the benches. All will be semi gloss white. Either by the end of the weekend, or VERY shortly after.

We are definitely running on our last energy and also on our last funds. The Bimini might have to wait. We do have a brand new bimini… but the frame is in bad shape and needs cutting, bending and welding. Might be something that has to be rigged and fixed properly after the cruise ships come back and we make our first money again.

Hopefully, this will not take much longer. We are supposed to have the first ship in by December 17th… but as you might recall, we WERE supposed to have a ship in on November 5th. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

We, once again, thank our supporters and people who donated money to get us back in the water and running. It looks like it will not be too long now.

Do you want to help? We accept PayPal donations! For donations of 50$ or more, you will get a unique shirt… $75 or more will get your name somewhere on our new platform/boat (plus the shirt) and $100 and more, you also get a voucher for SNUBA for two when you are next on island. (and the shirt and the name on the platform)
You can donate right here (even if you have no PayPal account. PayPal will take you to a page where you have options)

We will keep you posted each week with our progress.
Thank you much!!!