Boat rebuild progress

Today was one of those marker days. As usual nowadays, the Engine was fired up and transmission also spun. This is just to make the heart of the boat “feel” important (pickled too)….. a new Alternator was built in. 120 Amps, instead of the standard 60, so this is actually an improvement. This means charging 2 start capable batteries charged as I had already built in a 1-3 diode for this purpose. (We want 2 Start and a House battery, to be able to offer worry free, continuous operation).

Little bad news on the steering side of things… the restauration of the hydraulic steering cylinder, instead of $110 will be more like $350. Still worth it though. A new one is twice that and I will not operate with a leaking one. Picking up and installing it maybe as early as tomorrow, but probably more like at the end of the week.

Taken out ALL the wiring. I never really could trust the wiring. None of the color coding matched the manuals, so… knowing the boat had been under water and now being in the yard with Schrodinger corroded wires, we better take them all out. New harnesses and C-type panel are on their way, together with new bilge pumps, Auto, Man, off – Bilge pump switches, High Water Alarm, Johnson switches, Navigation lights and cables, speaker cabling, new audio, speakers… the works. Enough cable for the speakers this time to mount the speakers out enough for our Captain Goliath (Bert) not to hit his head 7 times a day.

Then Measured out the marine ply for the new stern. As you might have seen in an earlier post, the starboard side of our stern was horribly disfigured. So…. we will be renewing the whole stern. Starting with tracing the port deck and then mirroring it to starboard, Attaching the ply, Then working on the vertical part….Later this week 5 Gallons of Epoxy and appropriate hardener will be arriving and the dirty work can begin. Hull should be leak free and ready for the yard to put BIO-FRIENDLY antifouling by the beginning of next week, which is another biggie! We plan to be lifted in the water by the 21st…. and then finish building on our own lift, or just simply docked.

We had an inspection/meeting with RCCL yesterday and they were happy and impressed with all our new equipment for our tour. With a little bit of luck and a ton of work… we might actually run a tour on November 5th with them. No platform, but at least with a working boat. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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We will keep you posted each week with our progress.
Thank you much!!!