Rebuilding in full speed

After taking care of the house situation, and after we stopped crying in our beers, the SNUBA SXM team has started making progress with the rebuild. The first problem to tackle, was un-seizing the boat engine. Because we could not remove the boat from the boat lift immediately after Hurricane Irma (there was no electricity to the lift), Hurricane Maria took the boat of the lift for us and deposited it into the marina. Unfortunately she made water. She can’t sink, but the engine was half way under water. It took us 2 and a half weeks, many hours, lots of lube, blood, sweat and tears, to get ANY movement in the engine after the boat was put in the yard. But, on October 2nd, the mix of 50/50 Acetone-ATF, finally resulted in the pistons breaking free by manually manipulating the flywheel with a screwdriver. Since then we have been able to spin the engine multiple times a day using the battery and a new starter, that was given to us by our friend Sam.

This, obviously gave us an enormous amount of energy and the hope is now  by this Friday, to have a working engine again so we do not have to worry about that anymore and we can move on to making the boat better than it was before the storm. This is what still needs to be done:

  1. Replace oil and oil filter
  2. Check / Rebuild transmission
  3. Replace / Rebuild leaking Steering Ram
  4. Rewire / Replace electrical wire harness
  5. Replace bilge pumps and switches
  6. Rebuild console
  7. Repair and recoat hull below the waterline (yard job)
  8. Repair and recoat the rest of the hull outside
  9. Repair transom
  10. Repair and repaint the deck
  11. Put new cleats on the boat
  12. Repair / Replace huge parts of the bimini framework
  13. Replacing all Navigation lights
  14. Making and adding Splash deflectors to the bow and adding splash guards to the console
  15. Installing Audio.
  16. Reestablish mooring in Little Bay

When this is all done, at least we will be back in operations and we will start rebuilding our platform. We hope 1-16 will be done by November 10th and the platform by the end of December.

With this, I would like to thank our friends, family and caring former guests for your donations so far. It is great to see how many people care for our little company.

Do you want to help? We accept PayPal donations! For donations of 50$ or more, you will get a unique shirt… $75 or more will get your name somewhere on our new platform (plus the shirt) and $100 and more, you also get a voucher for SNUBA for two when you are next on island. (and the shirt and the name on the platform)
You can donate right here (even if you have no PayPal account. PayPal will take you to a page where you have options)

We will keep you posted each week with our progress.

Thank you much!!!