Hurricane Irma

And here she is… Right over our little island. Hurricane Irma, a hurricane of category 5, completely shut us down. Of course she had a little bit of help from the gutless looters who took materials that were spared by her.

So… SNUBA SXM needs to be rebuild from scratch. But, we will and we intend to do it soon. We are working hard to find resources to build a new platform, get new equipment and find some sort of boat.

Do you want to help? We accept PayPal donations! For donations of 50$ or more, you will get a unique shirt… $75 or more will get your name somewhere on our new platform (plus the shirt) and $100 and more, you also get a voucher for SNUBA for two when you are next on island. (and the shirt and the name on the platform)

You can donate right here (even if you have no PayPal account. PayPal will take you to a page where you have options)


Great Stuff. We hope you are part of the rebuild.


Warmest regards,